Why Add Mexico In Your List Of Travel Destinations

Mexico is just a great destination to visit. You will never run out of things to do once in the country. The Caribbean coastline, cosmopolitan capital city, and don’t forget its thriving restaurant scene colonial towns that are perfect for trips. If you want to know more why you should still visit Mexico here are some reasons to consider in your list of travel destinations:

Great Cuisine

Travel Mexico

Mexico is a country that offers a variety of delicious food and most countries know that. It is not just tacos and tortas that the country offers but they have plenty of great cuisines that you will never run out of options. From cabrito in the north, tortas ahogadas in western Jalisco, or Mayan delicacies, the choices are yours.

Friendly people

Mexico is known for having great people. The locals are warm and welcoming and are always willing to help. Whether you need to find directions or advise on where to eat or just lost, the locals will go out of their way to give you the information you need.

Great Booze

You may have already tasted some of the booze that came from Mexico such as Corona and Jose Cuervo. Once you visit the country you may be able to enjoy the tequila they serve in Jalisco or the smoky mezcal they have in Oaxaca.

Travel luxuriously

Mexico is an affordable destination although prices are higher in popular tourist destinations such as Cancun and Baja California, but you can still save more and get more from your money. Those who are travelling the US, the UK, and Australia can really benefit from the fluctuating Mexican peso which means even if you do not have a lot of budgets you can still travel in style.