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Popular Places To Visit In The City Of London

Visiting London for the first time? This great and old city is a popular tourist destination because of its diverse offerings. If you are looking for some of the most popular places in the city, here is our short list:

Brick Lane

Brick Lane was made famous by the book and film adaption that carries the same title. The same as it is in the book, Brick Lane is the heart of London’s Bangladeshi community that features road signs in both English and Bengali. They also offer a variety of curry restaurants to eat something spicy.

If you love spicy food, this is the perfect location for you, and you can also visit authentic South Asian desserts if you are craving for something sweet.


There is Chinatown in every country, and the city of London is no exemption. London’s Chinatown is located around Gerrard Street and is in between Soho and Leicester Square. It is not that difficult to find this vibrant neighbourhood because of its eye-catching red arches and Chinese lanterns.

Chinatown offers authentic Asian restaurants, supermarkets, bars, and the likes. Try the HK Diner if you love roast duck and bubble tea.

Piccadilly Circus

It is not hard to miss Piccadilly Circus, which is a square filled with bright lights and big electronic screens. It has been a busy London spot since the 17th century. Today, Piccadilly Circus is still in the heart of the West End and provides easy access to some of the city’s biggest nightclubs and theatres.

Cool Things To Do When You Go To Maldives

If you want to experience one of the world’s top island nations, then a visit to the Maldives is your way to go. Here are some of the great things you can do here:

Have a Private Picnic

Relax and enjoy a day at Amilla Fushi and have a pre-ordered picnic full of Maldivian’s best such as cheeses, lobster and don’t forget a bottle of champagne. Enjoying a sandbank picnic for a day will have you appreciate the surrounding turquoise hues of water and its pristine, white sand.

Snorkelling and Diving

The Maldives offers the best snorkelling and diving activities in the world. Enjoy the spectacular underwater scenery with their usual schools of colourful tropical fish, tortoises, reef sharks, stingrays, and whales. Visit Hanfaru bay which is the largest feeding station in the world and is also protected by Unesco and see marine life up close.

Underwater Spa

For the ultimate relaxation experience try the underwater spa at Per Aquum Huvafen Fushi. Enjoy a day couture facials, cold ice, hot rocks, champagne and truffles meant for your body while having the treatment surrounded by glass walls. Stare out into the beautiful ocean and enjoy the marine life surrounding you.

Local Culture

The Maldives offer high-end luxury as most resorts want to give their guests the royal treatment. But the Maldives is also rich in culture and heritage which you can also experience. You can also visit Thulhaadhoo for the arts and crafts.

Enjoy the Party

If you want to party up while still enjoying the beach go to Finolhu in Baa where party events hosted by internationally-acclaimed DJs can be found. You can also find the Fish and Crab Shack where soft crab tacos are served.

Travel Tips: How To Find The Right Accommodation

Are you searching for good accommodation for your next travel? Your choice of place will mostly depend on your budget, destination, style and comfort levels, number of companions, and interests.

It is not always about finding it cheap. Keep in mind that getting 15% off a room you do not want is always better than a room with a regular that you want. Whether you are travelling solo, as a couple, or as a family your choice will depend on your needs.

Here are some travel tips to finding the right accommodation:

Find the right location

Always think of the right location since it is never practical to get a cheap place where you need to travel more just to get to the beach or the park. You will have to pay more on transportation if you do. As a solution, stay close to where your chosen destination is. If you want to do surfing, search for a hotel that is near the beach. Stay in a central area that is close to local attractions and public transport so you can save your time and money.

Consider a hostel

Hostels these days are not just dorm rooms for backpackers because the quality and service are getting better these days. If you are going to travel to the USA, hostels may not be a good option for you. But in places such as France, the United Kingdom, and Thailand you can find quality private and family rooms that are way better than hotels.

Why Bosnia Should be Your Next Travel Destination

Bosnia (and by extension Herzegovina) probably don’t spring immediately to mind when you think of travel destinations, but if you’re the type of person who enjoys picturesque landscapes, magnificent architecture and friendly locals, you may want to re-route your next trip to this surprising spot. Here are some of our highlights pointed out by our friends from Ipswich when travelling in Bosnia.

Road tripping

Bosnia is the place to go for road trips; the roads and routes are well-developed, and the amount of natural beauty you’ll see along the way will blow your mind. Stop at gorgeous lakes and eye-boggling mountains, and stretch your legs in the tiny villages and dine in the small cafes that dot your drive. It’s also really hard to get lost, a great bonus for any road-tripper.


Mostar is the place you’ve no doubt seen in many travel advertisements for Bosnia, because it’s simply gorgeous. There are also loads of delicious restaurants, and lovers of cake will revel in the local recipes that produce some of the best treats you’ll ever eat. There’s also plenty of great bars and nightlife in an area that you’d be forgiven for thinking is pretty quiet at first glance.


To really experience the amazing food in Bosnia you need to get in good with the locals. Just be prepared for a lot of meat, cake, coffee and booze. Alma Coffee in Mostar old-town is the spot for in-house roasted Bosnian coffee, which is very strong and served with Turkish Delight. The other traditional dishes include lamb and fresh fish, but they also love their sweets like doughnuts and honey, which can be found pretty much anywhere.

Blagaj Monastery

Fans of architecture will want to head to Blagaj to see the Monastery built in 1520 into the rock face. The country’s rich history is on display here, and you can take a boat ride into the caves underneath for an awesome experience.

Kravica Waterfalls

You can’t go to Bosnia without seeing the Kravice Waterfalls, which can be found in a green forested canopy. You can swim at the base of the waterfall, and also take a boat ride underneath the flowing water which is especially popular in Summer, so be prepared for it to be busy if you go in the hotter months.

Bosnian locals are the key to experiencing this wonderful country in a truly authentic way; they’ll share with you the best spots for food, drinks and just about anything! Rich history, amazing landscapes and great food mean that Bosnia should be next on your travel list!